The Power of Tracking Prayer

Many Christians believe God isn't working in their life, but He is, they're just not tracking it! Being able to write down your prayers allows you to look back and see how God may have answered your prayers in ways you did not expect.

Your New Prayer Routine Starts Here

The Bless God Prayer Journal Lays Out as Follows:

Left Page:

  • Praise Reports
  • Prayers for Other People
  • Personal Prayers
  • Memory Verse
  • I Will Get This Done Today

Right Page:

  • My Time in The Word Showed Me
  • Notes

With over 200 pages, this layout is intentionally crafted to help you keep your prayer time focused on gratitude, praying for others before yourself, committing to memorizing scripture, and setting a productivity goal at the end of your most intentional time of the day.

The right page has space for your devotional reflection or even Sunday sermon notes. Then use the "Notes" section for freewriting or to go back and reflect on answered prayers.

Quality You can trust


The Prayer Journal looks great and feels high quality, however I love most the pages design and structure to ensure a successful journaling and prayer time that is manageable for those of us that have a lot of responsibilities and less free time.

Mike F.

My prayer life actually feels stronger and I haven’t even had the journal that long. It’s a real blessing.

Nate G.

It helps me keep focused in my devotion time as I get distracted. The Journal provides excellent prompts for me to stay focused and orient my time towards God.

Manny O.
The Ultimate Prayer & Devotional Hack

"I know God speaks, but He doesn't speak in MY life..."

Do you feel far from God or feel like God is "quiet" in your life?

You're not alone, but let me ask you this...

How often do you speak to God? Are you carving out time every day to intentionally pray and seek His will for your life?

Unfortunately, many Christians would reply "no"...

But it doesn't have to stay that way...

The Bless God Prayer Journal was made to give you a practical and proven system to stay consistent with your prayer and devotional time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 359 reviews

Love it!

Kelly D
Beautiful Journal

Such a beautiful journal that keeps your eyes on the Lord, perfect size and well formatted

Daniel Pineda
Thank You

I learned about this through an amazing conversation on a podcast. S/O George Janko x RuslanKD. It has been an amazing aid to help me on my journey with Jesus Christ, thank you for helping me with that.

James Sutton
Awesome Experience

So my order included two shirts and two prayer journals. They sent one at first and then I emailed them and the contact was direct the following day wished me and my Fiancé a blessed future and I got the other journal a week later but it was worth it knowing I was talking with a human and that they had compassion enough to wish a blessed future for me and my family. Love the company and the podcast and the journal is fire it’s changing the game for us. Much love Ruslan and the Bless God Family

Lynda Restine
God Bless Prayer Journal

Could I prepay for several prayer journals. I am a new prayer. I have started praying
And I would like to be more organized. I have looked at several prayer journals and have
not found what I needed. Please let me know how to make this happen.

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